About Us

We are committed to promoting:

  • The sustainable use and appreciation of the Earth, its natural resources, its bio diversity, its peoples, and its biosphere;
  • An understanding and appreciation of and between peoples; and protecting human rights;
  • An appreciation for the relationships of and between the human, animal, plant, climate, watershed, terrestrial, and ecological; especially to give voice and draw attention to those¬†rarely heard or seen; and
  • An appreciation for kindness and beauty in all its varied forms.

Living Story will make these goals possible through the exploration, study, documentation, and communication of these issues through various media, especially not-for-profit media, including, but not limited to, documentaries, videos, television and radio broadcasts, web sites, educational materials, photographic and other visual arts, exhibits, oral presentations, and written works.

Through the development of such media and their exhibition throughout the world in popular, educational, and artistic venues, Living Story shall strive to communicate and promote sustainable, time-tested, compelling, and cost-effective, examples and solutions that reflect the Living Story’s purposes.

We shall act as a philanthropic operating organization that strives to identify, catalyze, and the application of sound ecological and social principles that solve environmental and economic problems throughout the world.